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Reduce project delivery time & costs.

Scale your agency.

Capsl automates frontend development and the CMS generation, development and deployment of a website.

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Go from design to deployment in days. Not months.

What is Capsl?

Make no mistake. Capsl is not a CMS.

It’s a tool used by agencies and teams that automates frontend development and the CMS generation, development and deployment of a website.

Using Capsl, agencies can deliver more web-based projects in less time and to a standard that’s simply unparalleled.

How it works...

  1. Automated Frontend Development
  2. 'Human' Markup Language
  3. Automated Framework, CMS & Deployment

Automated Frontend Development

Capsl automates the conversion of almost any design files (including PSD, Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma) into a pixel perfect, semantic, standards compliant and responsive HTML/CSS template.

'Human' Markup Language

Use Capsl's 'human' markup language to annotate any HTML template. Simply and easily markup your HTML as required and proceed to run the parser.

Automated Framework, CMS & Deployment

Capsl's sophisticated parser understands and interprets static frontend annotation and can automatically build out a model of framework and CMS requirements.

Save a minimum of 4 weeks dev time w/ each project.

ROI guaranteed with your first project.

Benefits include...

Capsl will remove your development bottlenecks and allow you to become the agency you've always wanted to be.

Sell with confidence

Deliver a project of any size with absolute confidence that it will run smoothly and always on budget.

Reduce project delivery time & costs

Deliver and build more projects whilst using less of your team’s time. Regardless of its requirements.

Increase project quality & client outcomes

With reduced project delivery times and costs, you can finally afford to be more strategic and creative by designing better and more immersive digital experiences.

Mitigate project risk

Completely remove project risk by delivering high-quality projects with just a fraction of the project's proposed timeline.

Scale your agency

Build your sales team with the confidence that you can deliver project after project with existing development resources.


Simple pricing to help you scale your agency.

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